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Metal orange stick

Metal orange stick

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A metal orange stick is a small, pointed tool used for pushing back cuticles during manicures or pedicures. This particular tool is made from metal and is shaped like a thin stick with a pointed end, which is designed to be gentle on the cuticles and surrounding skin.

The metal orange stick is often used in conjunction with other manicure or pedicure tools, such as cuticle nippers or nail clippers, to create a neat and clean nail shape. It can also be used to remove excess polish or clean under the nails.

The metal construction of the orange stick makes it easy to clean and sanitize between uses, making it a hygienic choice for professional use in salons or at home. Its small size and pointed end also make it easy to use with precision and control, ensuring a clean and polished final result.

Overall, a metal orange stick is an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve a professional-looking manicure or pedicure. Its durable construction, gentle shape, and versatile use make it a must-have in any nail care toolkit.

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