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Beauty BigBang

Stamping Plate Beauty BigBang XL-070

Stamping Plate Beauty BigBang XL-070

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Instruction 1. The first step is preparation. Treat the cuticle, adjust the length and shape of the nail with a nail file. Degrease the nail plate, using a nail polish remover or thoroughly wash your hands with soap. Apply the base varnish (the quality of which determines the durability of the design) to clean and dry nails, and then the base varnish. 2. 2. apply a thin layer of varnish for your chosen image evenly on the desired area of the disc . 3. Use a scraper to remove excess varnish from the surface of the disc, leaving only the inside of the engraving. Be gentle but sure. The scraper blade should be pressed firmly against the surface of the disk, tilting the scraper slightly (about 450). Now press the nail stamp firmly against the drawing disc and hold it in that position for a couple of seconds. 5. Check to see if the image fixed on the stamp is clear and bright. 6. Moving on to the most crucial moment in the question of how to use steamping for nails - transferring the design to the nail plate. Carefully and slowly roll over the stamp on the nail. 7. Using a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover, remove excess polish from the skin around the nail plate if necessary or if you are not using latex to protect your cuticles. 8. Clean the stamp from the nail polish, wipe it with acetone liquid (only if your stamp is not silicone).

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