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LUNA Light acrygel

LUNA Light acrygel

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Light Acrygel is a gel for covering and extending nails. It favorably highlights any design and is combined with various color palettes. Light Acrygel is easy and convenient to work with, allowing you to create nails of not very long length.


- completely dry;
- acid-free, medium consistency;
- medium pigmentation, covers the free edge;
- suitable for the "build-up without sawdust" technique;
- does not cause burning in the lamp;
- hard, has high adhesive properties and rich shine.

Method of application:

1. Standard preparation of the nail plate.
2. Apply primer.
3. For adhesion, apply Rubber base in a thin layer to the entire nail plate close to the cuticle and side ridges.
4. We strengthen or model nails.
5. Polymerization time is 60 seconds.
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