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LUNA NEON Base 01 13ml

LUNA NEON Base 01 13ml

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Luna Neon base №1 13 ml

Luna Color Base

Luna Color Base is a camouflage base that will completely replace your gel polish.
The base looks beautiful in the glossy version, and even more interestingly in the matte version.
- acidity 6-7 pH;
- medium flexibility;
- completely covers the free edge of the nail;
- does not shrink during wear;
- medium consistency, self-leveling;
- excludes strong heating of the nail plate during the polymerization process,
  therefore does not cause burning in the lamp;
- provides wearability without flaking for 3-4 weeks;
- has a neutral smell.
Method of application:
Standard preparation of the nail plate (degreaser, primer).
Before applying the camouflage base, you need to apply a transparent base for better adhesion.
After that, make a not-thick leveling with a camouflage base and dry it in a lamp for 60 seconds.
It is recommended to cover camouflage bases on a reinforced square.
Use only original 48 W lamps.

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