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Komilfo Luminous Base 002 8 ml

Komilfo Luminous Base 002 8 ml

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Komilfo Luminous Base is a type of base coat used in nail care. It is designed to create a smooth and even surface on the nails, preparing them for the application of nail polish or other nail products.

The main feature of Komilfo Luminous Base is its unique formula that creates a luminous and glowing effect on the nails. This base coat contains light-reflecting particles that give nails a bright and radiant appearance, making them look healthy and polished.

Komilfo Luminous Base is easy to apply and dries quickly. It helps to strengthen and protect the nails, preventing them from becoming weak or brittle. It also helps to extend the life of nail polish, allowing it to last longer and resist chipping and peeling.

This base coat is suitable for use with all types of nail polish and other nail products. It is also suitable for all nail types, including natural nails, gel nails, and acrylic nails. Komilfo Luminous Base is a popular choice among professional nail technicians and at-home users who want to achieve a flawless and glowing manicure.

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